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Detailed Format of a E-Invoice

To comprehend the structure better, let's delve into the specific components of a standard e-invoice:

Check Heading:

Positioned centrally, this alerts the recipient that the document is a 'Tax Invoice'.


Positioned on the top-left, this establishes brand identity.

Check Details of Supplier

Addresses and names, contact number and email of Supplier.


GST numbers of supplier.

Check Invoice Details

Mention Invoice number and Amount Due.

Check Issue Dates:

The issue date (creation date).

Check Place of Supply:

Indicates the location where goods/services are delivered.

CheckAcknowledgement Number:

Special number for confirming the receipt and date when reciept cofirmed.

Check Bill To :

Detailed information about the buyer .

Check Ship To :

Detailed information about shipping destination.Alsp it contain 12 digit unique IRN Number and Acknowledgement Details

CheckTable of Items:

Tabulated data capturing item details, HSN code, unit of materials, quantity, taxable value, taxes, and total amounts, and transport charges, TDS/ TCS charges if applicable.

Check Bank Details:

Details for electronic transfers including bank name, account number, and IFSC code or UPI ID.

Check Terms and Conditions:

Any specific conditions or policies tied to the sale.

Check Signature and Stamp:

Authenticating the document, ensuring it's officially recognized.

CheckQR Code:

Proof that the e-invoice is real.

Make E-invoice at Rs.0.83 only with Sleek Bill.

In this simple guide, we will explain what E-invoice is and how to calculate the cost of each E-invoice.

GST/ Non-composition


1. Sleek Bill E-invoicing software offers 300 E-invoices each month.

2. So, in a year (12 months), you will have 12 * 300 = 3600 E-invoices.

3. To calculate the cost of each invoice, you need to divide 2999 (which we assume is your total cost)
by the number of E-invoices (3600).

4. 2999 / 3600 = 0.83 Rs only. So, each E-invoice costs Rs. 0.83 Only.

Document Types Under E-Invoicing

You may come across different types of documents related to E-invoicing, including:

1. E-invoice (available in Sleek Bill): This is the standard digital invoice.

E-Credit (available in Sleek Bill): It's used for keeping track of credits in digital format.

3. E-Debit (will be in Sleek Bill): This document is for digital debit notes.

E-Invoice Categories

E-invoices can be classified into different categories, such as:

GST/ Non-composition

E-invoice for deemed export

Used when goods are supplied within the country, but they are treated as exports.

GST/ Non-composition

E-invoice for SEZ

Special Economic Zones have their own category for E-invoices.

GST/ Non-composition

E-invoice for Export

This is for transactions involving exporting goods.

GST/ Non-composition

B2B E-invoice

Used for business-to-business transactions.

GST Info

Social Profiles

Promise: Everyone can make E-Invoicing with Sleek Bill

Sleek Bill's E-Invoice Software isn't just for the accountant, anyone who knows the basics of computers can create an e-invoice with Sleek Bill. Sleek Bill E_Invoice Feature is about convenience, speed, and simplicity. Our innovative solution is designed to make your e-invoicing process more efficient, giving you the edge in a competitive marketplace.

Quick and Simple Generation: By automating the entire process, we've made invoice generation not only quick but delightfully simple. Spend less time on making invoices and more time on growing your business with Sleek Bill.

One-Time API Configuration:Setting up has never been easier with our one-time API configuration. Register your e-invoice credential once into Sleek Bill, and let our system API handle the rest. No more tedious repetitive setup, only fast, accurate, and consistent invoicing every time. For setup our expert is ready to help you, just fill the contact form and our expert will connect you shortly.

Embrace the future of E-invoicing with Online Sleek Bill's GST Billing Software. Our commitment to excellence ensures you receive an intuitive and robust system that fits your needs, enabling you to focus on what truly matters in your business.

If your last year turnover is more than or equals to INR 5 Crore then, our fast and easy e-invoicing solution can accelerate your success. Join us and take the next step in innovation and efficiency today!

Seamless E-Invoicing with Sleek Bill: Simple, Fast, and Easy

GST/ Non-composition

Automation Made Simple

Streamline your invoicing by automating the process. Eliminate manual tasks and free up valuable time for more critical business operations.

GST/ Non-composition

Seamless Portal Connection

Connect to the Portal effortlessly. Our E-Invoice Software ensures secure and smooth communication with government systems.

GST/ Non-composition

Accurate Record-Keeping

Maintain impeccable and transparent records with ease. With Sleek Bill, accurate record-keeping becomes a hassle-free task.

GST/ Non-composition

JSON for E-Way Bill

Our software provides JSON file for E-Way Bill generation, enabling a unified approach to compliance and transportation documentation.

GST/ Non-composition

Minimise Errors

Smooth operations and precision in data handling minimise the chances of errors. Say goodbye to costly mistakes and focus on what matters most.

GST/ Non-composition

Boost Efficiency

Our E-Invoice Software enhances the efficiency and compliance of your billing process. Try the robust functionality and design fill to your business needs.

Join countless satisfied customers benefiting from Sleek Bill's E-Invoice solution and take the first step towards effortless “E-invoicing” today!

Take the first step towards effortless
“E-invoicing” today!

Join countless satisfied customers benefiting from Sleek Bill's E-Invoice solution.

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*Free & Easy - no hidden fees.

Effortless Multiple E-Invoice Generation with Sleek Bill

In the dynamic and fast-paced business environment, efficiency and accuracy are paramount. Sleek Bill's E-Invoice Software delivers both, enabling multiple e-invoice generation in Multi-user plan with a host of intelligent features:

Standard & Compliant Format

Many users, many invoices at once

Why be restricted to one invoice at a time? With Sleek Bill Multi-user plan, you can manage to create multiple invoices, saving time and adding agility to your billing process. Store all invoices at one place.

More than Just Invoices

Swiftly create invoices from quotations

Skip duplicate entries in invoices use our Convert to Invoice feature. Generate invoices swiftly from quotations and proforma invoices. Ideal for growing businesses and handling seasonal spikes efficiently.

Propel Your Business Forward

Avoid Duplication Errors at work

Repetitive tasks can lead to mistakes. Sleek Bill's E-Invoice Software is designed to avoid duplication errors, ensuring each invoice is accurate and unique. Your peace of mind is our priority.

Revolutionise the way you handle invoicing with Sleek Bill's E-Invoice Software. By embracing the power of multiple e-invoice generation, you can accelerate your workflow, reduce errors, and focus on more strategic aspects of your business. Join the future of efficient billing with Sleek Bill and discover a smarter way to manage your invoices today!

Transform Your Invoicing Experience with Sleek Bill
Elevate from Task to Asset!

Embrace a future where your invoices transcend mere completion to become invaluable assets.
Try Online Sleek Bill today!

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Perfect precision with Sleek Bill's sleek data validation and error-checking!

At Sleek Bill, we recognize that the accuracy of your invoices is not just a matter of efficiency, it's a legal requirement. Our E-Invoice Software is meticulously designed to provide comprehensive data validation and error checking as per GST law:

100% Compliance and Legal Accuracy:

Our system ensures that your invoices align with the relevant GST requirements, guaranteeing 100% compliance. With Sleek Bill, you can rest easy knowing your billing is error-free.

Automated Data Validation:

Manual checks can be prone to human error. That's why we've integrated automated data validation within our software. What's wrong is showing in the error message.

GST Issue
Fast and Accurate E-Invoices with Confidence:

Generate e-invoices rapidly without sacrificing accuracy. With our robust validation processes, you can confidently produce invoices that reflect the true status of your transactions.

GST Issue
Avoiding Penalties and Maintaining Precise Records:

Mistakes can be costly, leading to penalties and damaged reputation. Sleek Bill helps you avoid these pitfalls by maintaining precise records, fostering trust with both regulators and customers.

Sleek Bill's E-Invoice Software isn't just a tool; it's a partner in your business's success. Let us help you streamline your billing, enhance accuracy, and take the worry out of compliance.

Cost-Efficient Vendor Selection

Effortless E-Invoicing: Simplify with Sleek Bill's One-Time Generation

Invoicing should be a process that supports your business growth, not one that hinders it. With Sleek Bill's E-Invoice Software, we offer a flexible solution that adapts to your unique needs:

Simplify Your E-Invoicing Process: From Quotation to Proforma to Tax Invoice to e-Invoice model for ongoing relationships, our software simplifies e-invoicing to fit your workflow.

API Registration and Configuring the E-Invoice Settings: Start with a smooth onboarding experience, including API Registration and easy configuration of E-Invoice settings. Get everything tailored to your business, all in one place.

Convert to invoice Mode for Automatic Invoicing: Save time and reduce manual effort with our convert to invoice mode. Easily convert quotation or proforma invoices to invoice, and let Sleek Bill handle the rest for e-invoice.

Uploading to the IRP and Seamless Customer Delivery : Seamless compliance: Instant upload to IRP for smooth customer delivery, making your invoicing effortlessly integrated.

Sleek Bill's E-Invoice Software makes the complex simple. Whether you need one-time generation for specific transactions or create multiple, we've got you covered.
Join the growing number of businesses that have discovered the freedom and efficiency of Sleek Bill. Let us help you take your invoicing to the next level today!

Approved GST E-Invoice Formats: No Concerns, Just Compliance

In the digital age, flexibility and adaptability are key. Sleek Bill's E-Invoice Software offers standard and approved GST e-invoice formats to avoid any issue, giving you the peace of mind:

Standard Format

Standard Format:

No need to wrestle with different file types. Our system having the best, standard and approved GST e-invoice format for your invoice, saving you time and ensuring consistency across your billing process.

As a JSON File for E-way Bill

As a JSON File for E-way Bill:

Whether for integration with other systems or to meet specific regulatory requirements, our software allows e-way bill JSON for creating E-Way Bill. This standardised format helps to create e-way Bill.


As an Excel File:

Like using spreadsheets? With Sleek Bill, you can keep a record of your invoices in Excel. This helps you have data for analyzing or reporting. Our E-Invoice Software ensures it doesn't cause any problems in e-invoices.

Sleek Bill's E-Invoice Software understands that it should not create any issue in e-invoice. That's why we have standard and approved GST e-invoice format to avoid any issues, all while maintaining the ease of use and reliability you expect from our solutions.

Join us in embracing the future of flexible and efficient e-invoicing. With Sleek Bill, you gain the power to choose, the assurance of compliance, and the simplicity of a system designed with you in mind.

Scan to Simplify: QR Codes on E-invoices with Sleek Bill!

In an era of digital transformation, security and authenticity are crucial. Sleek Bill's E-Invoice Software takes these concepts to the next level with our QR code generation feature, enhancing your invoicing experience:

Verify the Authenticity of Your E-Invoices Effortlessly

Verify E-Invoice Legitimacy with Ease!:

With Sleek Bill, our system adds QR codes to your e-invoices, allowing recipients to verify their authenticity in an instant. Transparency and trust are just a scan away.

UPI QR Codes the One-Time Setup Process

UPI QR Codes the One-Time Setup Process:

Simplify GST compliance seamlessly with QR-coded e-invoices, ensuring their validity for effortless Input Tax Credit claims—where convenience is redefined and efficiency amplified.

Automatically Added to Sales Invoices

Automatically Added to Sales Invoices

Every sales invoice you create with Sleek Bill will have the e-invoice QR code automatically added. No extra steps, no oversights, just seamless integration.

Ensure Valid E-Invoices for Claiming Input Tax Credit

Secure Input Tax Credit Validate Your E-Invoices:

By incorporating QR codes, we ensure that your e-invoices are valid for claiming Input Tax Credit under GST laws. Compliance has never been more convenient.

Efficient Auto-Population in Sales Invoices with Sleek Bill

In the intricate world of sales invoicing, efficiency and compliance are paramount. Sleek Bill's E-Invoice Software brings both together with its innovative auto-population feature in sales invoices:

Update Sales Records Effortlessly:

Forget manual data entry and tedious cross-referencing. With our auto-population feature, updating your sales records becomes a breeze. Sleek Bill does the heavy lifting, allowing you to focus on what really matters.

Current Records, Smooth GST Law Compliance:

Stay ahead of the curve with always up-to-date records that reflect the latest transactions and adjustments. Sleek Bill ensures seamless compliance with GST laws, maintaining the integrity of your data and building trust with authorities and customers alike.

Sleek Bill's E-Invoice Software doesn't just automate; it elevates. By intelligently populating your sales invoices, we simplify your workflow, enhance accuracy, and ensure that you're always in line with legal requirements.

Effortless E-Invoice Cancellation Made Easy with Sleek Bill

Cancellation of Orders happens, but they shouldn't slow you down. Sleek Bill's E-Invoice Software introduces auto e-invoice cancellation, a feature designed to manage those inevitable bumps in the road:

Automate E-Invoice Cancellation

Automate E-Invoice Cancellation:

With our innovative software, e-invoice cancellation becomes a streamlined process. No more cumbersome procedures or wasted time, simply open the e-invoice then click on “Cancel” and let Sleek Bill handle the rest.

Cancel an Invoice or simple Tax Invoice

Cancel an Invoice or Simple Tax Invoice:

Whether it's a single e-invoice or a simple tax invoice that needs cancellation, our system allows for easy selection and cancellation. Flexibility and control are at your fingertips.

Precise Transaction Depiction

Eliminate Manual Errors and Ensure Compliance:

Manual cancellation can lead to errors and compliance issues. Sleek Bill's auto e-invoice cancellation eliminates these risks, ensuring that every action aligns with the relevant regulations and guidelines.

Sleek Bill's E-Invoice Software with auto e-invoice cancellation doesn't just correct mistakes; it transforms them into opportunities for growth and learning. By automating and simplifying this necessary task, we free you to focus on more important aspects of your business.

Join the wave of businesses that have discovered the convenience and reliability of Sleek Bill. Try our E-Invoice Software today and take a step towards a more efficient and compliant future.

An Eco-Friendly Green Invoicing with Sleek Bill

In a world increasingly conscious of our environmental impact, Sleek Bill stands at the forefront of change, offering an invoicing solution that's not only efficient but also kind to our planet:

Electronic Invoicing:

Say goodbye to paper invoices and embrace Sleek Bill's electronic invoicing system. Our e-invoices are not just a convenience; they're a commitment to sustainability, eliminating the need for paper and reducing waste.

Four Times Less Harmful to the Environment:

By choosing Sleek Bill's electronic invoicing, you're making a choice that is four times less harmful to the environment compared to traditional paper invoicing. Every e-invoice is a step towards a greener future.

With Sleek Bill, you don't have to choose between efficiency and environmental responsibility. Our system offers a green alternative that aligns with modern values without compromising on functionality or compliance.

Join us in making a difference. Choose Sleek Bill's electronic invoicing and take a stand for a cleaner, more sustainable world. Together, we can pave the way for responsible business practices that benefit us all.

Sleek Bill's Auto E-Invoice: Delivering Innovative Business Solutions

In the world of business, time is money, and accuracy is vital. Sleek Bill's Auto E-Invoice offers a revolutionary solution that addresses key challenges and brings undeniable benefits to your business:

Curb Tax Evasion

Curb Tax Evasion:

With transparency and accuracy at its core, Sleek Bill's Auto E-Invoice helps in curbing tax evasion. Our system ensures that every transaction is recorded faithfully, supporting fairness and integrity in business practices.

Enhanced Invoicing Procedure

Enhanced Invoicing Procedure:

Revolutionise your invoicing procedure with our streamlined system. From creation to cancellation, every step is optimised for efficiency and compliance, giving you a smooth and reliable invoicing experience.

save time

Save Time:

Say goodbye to manual processes and time-consuming tasks with other complex software. With Sleek Bill, invoicing is quick and automated, giving you more time to focus on growing your business.

Enhanced with Essential Information:

Easy Tracking of Invoices:

Tracking your invoices has never been easier. With our intuitive interface and robust tracking tools, you can manage your invoices effortlessly, keeping everything organised and under control.

Easy report export for Audits

Easy report export for Audits:

Audits are a breeze with Sleek Bill's Auto E-Invoice. Our system provides simple and understandable reports of all your transactions, making audit preparation and compliance a hassle-free process.

Smooth Customs Clearance

Transparent Financial Records:

Elevate your financial record-keeping with Sleek Bill's Auto E-Invoice. Our system ensures transparency in your financial transactions, making it easier to maintain accurate and accountable records for your business.

Sleek Bill's Auto E-Invoice is not just a tool; it's a strategic partner that elevates your business to new heights. Experience the benefits of a system designed with your success in mind.

Join the growing number of businesses embracing the future with Sleek Bill. Try our Auto E-Invoice today, and transform the way you do business!

Boost Your Business with Sleek Bill's Secure E-Invoicing Software

In the ever-evolving landscape of business, support and safety are crucial. Sleek Bill's e-invoicing system is engineered with these principles at its core:

Data Security

Data Security:

Your data's safety is our top priority. With advanced encryption and rigorous security protocols, Sleek Bill ensures that your information remains confidential and secure at all times on AWS cloud servers that comply with all security guidelines and data fiduciary law of Govt. of India and DSCI.
We are members of NASSCOM & DSCI and we strictly follow the Data Security Bill passed in our parliament dated on 9th Aug. 2023.

Increase Productive Capacity by Elevating Routine Things

Increase Productive Capacity by Elevating Routine Things:

Sleek Bill transforms mundane tasks into streamlined processes, boosting productivity. Our system takes care of the routine, freeing you to focus on strategic initiatives that drive growth.

Saving Physical Time and Resources

Saving Physical Time and Resources:

Time is money, and Sleek Bill helps you save both. By automating processes and minimising manual efforts, our e-invoicing system saves you valuable time and resources.

Providing Immediate Access to Invoices at Any Time

Providing Immediate Access to Invoices at Any Time:

Need an invoice quickly? With Sleek Bill, access to your invoices is immediate and always available. Whether it's for compliance, reporting, or customer queries, your invoices are just a click away.

Sleek Bill's e-invoicing system is more than a tool; it's a partner that supports and safeguards your business every step of the way. Experience the confidence and efficiency that comes with having Sleek Bill on your side.

Join the community of 3 million satisfied businesses
who have found success with Sleek Bill.

Try our e-invoicing system today, and let us help you build a stronger, more resilient business.

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Time-Saving: Accelerate Your Business with Sleek Bill

Time is one of the most valuable resources in business, and Sleek Bill is designed to help you make the most of it. Our system offers features that are not just user-friendly but also significantly time-saving:

Enable a Company to Save a Significant Amount of Time:

With Sleek Bill, routine tasks become efficient and fast. Whether it's invoicing, auditing, or record-keeping, our system streamlines the process, allowing you to save valuable time that can be invested in growing your business.

Simple to Use and Quick in the Process:

Complexity can slow things down, but Sleek Bill is all about simplicity. Our intuitive design and user-friendly interface make every task simple and quick. From beginners to experts, everyone can enjoy the efficiency of Sleek Bill.

Time-saving is not just a feature of Sleek Bill; it's a promise. We understand the demands of modern business, and we have crafted our system to meet those demands with agility and precision.

Join the revolution in efficiency. Try Sleek Bill today and discover how much time you can save. Let us take care of the mundane so you can focus on what truly matters: your success.

Straightforward Auditing: Clarity and Efficiency with Sleek Bill

Auditing can be a complex and time-consuming process, but not with Sleek Bill. We understand the value of clear and straightforward auditing, and our system is designed to bring simplicity and efficiency to this critical task:

Estimates, Expenditures:

No need to sift through endless files and folders. Sleek Bill centralises your estimates and expenditures, providing you with an organised and readily accessible view of your financial data. Track, analyse, and manage with ease.

Sleek Bill's approach to auditing is about more than just convenience; it's about empowering you to perform your audits with confidence and precision. Our system takes the complexity out of auditing, leaving you with a clear and manageable process that aligns with your business needs.

Join the growing number of businesses that have discovered the clarity and efficiency of Sleek Bill. Experience the power of straightforward auditing and transform the way you manage your financial oversight.

Simplifying Buyer and Sales Process: Seamless Transactions with Sleek Bill

In today's fast-paced business environment, both buyers and sellers seek a process that is smooth, transparent, and efficient. Sleek Bill's e-invoicing software is specifically designed to streamline and simplify the buyer and sales process:

Use of E-Invoicing Software, the Buyer, in Real-Time:

With Sleek Bill's e-invoicing software, buyers have access to invoices in real-time. No delays, no waiting; everything is instant and transparent. This real-time access fosters trust and accelerates transactions.

Multiple Options Available to Share E-Invoice:

Sleek Bill understands that flexibility is key to smooth transactions. That's why we offer multiple options to share e-invoices. Whether it's via email, a secure link, or directly through our platform, sharing an invoice is as simple as a click.

Join the many businesses that have already embraced the ease and efficiency of Sleek Bill. Try our e-invoicing software today, and take a step towards a more connected and streamlined business experience.

Fraud-Free Transactions: Secure with Sleek Bill E-Invoicing

In an era where security is paramount, Sleek Bill offers a solution that protects your transactions from potential frauds. Our e-invoicing software is designed with robust features that provide security and peace of mind:

Verify E-Invoices Anytime with QR Code and IRN: Simple and Accessible

Transparency and verification are at the heart of Sleek Bill's e-invoicing system. With a unique QR code and IRN printed on each e-invoice, verification is quick and accessible. Anyone can authenticate the invoice anytime, ensuring that every transaction is genuine and secure.
Transparency and verification are at the heart of Sleek Bill's e-invoicing system. With a unique QR code and IRN printed on each e-invoice, verification is quick and accessible. Anyone can authenticate the invoice anytime, ensuring that every transaction is genuine and secure.

Sleek Bill's commitment to safety extends beyond just features; it's a core value that defines our approach. By implementing cutting-edge technology and adhering to the best security practices, we create a platform where businesses can operate with confidence and integrity.

Protect your business from frauds with Sleek Bill's e-invoicing software. Trust in our system, and focus on what you do best, knowing that your transactions are secure and verified.

Join the future of efficient and people-centric business.

Try Sleek Bill's e-invoicing software today and experience the power of true collaboration and efficiency.

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Team Harmony: Sleek Bill's E-Invoicing for Unified Efficiency

In the modern business landscape, collaboration and efficiency are key. Sleek Bill's e-invoicing software is designed with people in mind, enabling seamless communication and synchronisation across devices:

Sync Devices Seamlessly for Your Staff

Sync Devices Seamlessly for Your Staff:

Sleek Bill's e-invoicing Multi-user software ensures that your entire team stays on the same page. By enabling sync across all devices, information flows smoothly, and everyone has access to the latest data.

Data Security

Data is Updated in Real-Time Across Devices:

No more delays or confusion. With real-time data updates, your team can make informed decisions quickly, enhancing responsiveness and efficiency.

Saving Physical Time and Resources

Making It Efficient for Your Business:

Sleek Bill isn't just about technology; it's about people. By facilitating seamless communication and collaboration, we make your business more efficient, allowing you to focus on growth and success.

Sleek Bill's e-invoicing software is more than a tool; it's a strategy that unifies your team and optimises your workflow. By putting people at the centre of our design, we create a system that supports your team's unique needs and goals.

Track Invoices Easily: Stay on Top with Sleek Bill's E-Invoicing

Keeping track of invoices can be a challenging and time-consuming task, but Sleek Bill makes it simple and effortless:

Ease of Tracking Invoices:

With Sleek Bill's e-invoicing system, tracking invoices is no longer a daunting task. Our user-friendly interface and advanced features provide you with complete visibility and control over your invoices. Easily monitor the status, access historical data, and manage payments - all from a single platform. Sleek Bill turns the complex process of invoice tracking into a seamless experience. Whether you're managing a few invoices or hundreds, our system is designed to make your life easier and your business more efficient. Don't let invoice tracking become a bottleneck in your business. Try Sleek Bill's e-invoicing software today and experience the ease and convenience that countless businesses already enjoy.

Stay ahead, stay organised, and stay in control with Sleek Bill.

Simplifying Buyer and Sales Process: Seamless Transactions with Sleek Bill

In business, complexity can be a barrier to growth and success. Sleek Bill's e-invoicing software is designed to remove that barrier by offering a system that is incredibly easy to use:

Seamless to Generate E-Invoices and Manage Accounts:

With Sleek Bill, generating e-invoices and managing accounts is a breeze. Our intuitive interface guides you through every step, making tasks that used to be complicated simple and seamless. Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting, Sleek Bill's Billing Software system is built for you.
Sleek Bill believes that technology should empower, not confuse. By prioritising ease of use, we create a platform that supports businesses of all sizes, giving you the tools you need without the complexity you don't.
Embrace simplicity and efficiency with Sleek Bill's e-invoicing software. Try it today and discover how easy business can be when you have the right tools in hand.